This is a short photo essay based on intimate conversations between women, in open moments when we trust each other and are ourselves. These conversations are special, very private, and secret. Conversations open up memories and emotions, sometimes it is pleasant to linger in them, but sometimes they are not unleashed by the most pleasant moments.
I have always had a very vivid imagination. Listening to stories, I see characters and colors. In this project, I used flowers, fruits, sculptures, and objects I found in my home or studio. Each image or sequence of images includes a story I have heard or experienced.
I want to invite the viewer to observe the images and interpret them from their own experience, giving them their meaning and creating their own story. Open to interpretation. Only the name Milk and Blood can give a decipherment that these are stories about a woman, about puberty, about sex, about love, about the pain experienced, about frantic parties and intoxicating summers. In these stories, sweet alternates with bitterness, and joys alternate with pain. 
Project supported by VACMA 2020 Award and ISSP Latvia mentoring program let by artists Vika Eksta and Reinis Hofmanis 
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